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Kamis, 22 Oktober 2009

I am Moving on...

The first time I met you... A glance of arrogance blinked showing unpleasant welcome.. Your hands offering a friendship felt so cold in my palms. No care no respect..

I've never thought that it was the highest moment in my life that God has ever endowed. Seeing you and knowing you for the first time made my life beating differently.My new alive love was started from that shallow moment..

The life that I have now has changed..Flat has no longer become a part of it. Peak moment seems to be a friend of it as well as a drop. It is not even a dull one.. Color keeps making my life stunning with the love for you.

A glance of arrogance is only a memory.. A cold shaking hand is only a part of the past..A smile full of love is now my present..A dream of someone like you is my future. I know...My life is not a dream..My life is a fact..I am fond of my love for you..but...I love you realistically...so,I am moving on...

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